We Charge

Product Design, Service Design

2012  * Awareded 1st Prize – “Charging Station of the Future” Competition by Fraunhofer Institute and Langmatz GmbH.

This Project was made to participate on a competition organised by Fraunhofer Institute and Langmatz Gmbh in which the task was to design a the charging station of the future for electric vehicles. Our project won the first prize and was exhibited in the Intertrafic Fair in Amsterdam.

My teammates and I decided to give a twist to the project and instead of designing an actual thing we came up with an innovative concept that is based more on a sharing system and social network than on the actual hardware. We decided to name it “We Charge” and its goal is connecting people’s electric energy in an online platform.

People fill in their profile at the We Charge online community and offer their private electric power to another e-vehicle owner, enabling them to park and charge their batteries. We Charge contemplates not only e-vehicle owners, but anyone willing to share their electric energy. The profile at the online community displays people’s personal picture, charging spot’s location and how much will they charge, they can also not charge anything since there is also the possibility of adding a wish-list in which people can add favours or goods they would rather accept instead of money.

In cooperation with Joanna Francener, Pedro Jun and Jacobus North.

Internet interface, charging-car-system communication We Charge interface connecting charging system, social platform and the devices.