Mexican Market Fruitbowl

Product Design

2011  The design of this fruit bowl is inspired on the Mexican temporal weekend markets which have very characteristic pink tents. They normally pop put on the weekend offering local produce and many other products at a fair price. The pink tents give these places a very cool and warm vibe and I wanted to transmit this through my design, without setting aside important properties for the functionality of a fruit bowl.

It was important for me to have a fruit bowl that had a good view and that would portray very good the fruits that would be put on it; it was also important to have a place specially made for the fruits that hang from the trees, I thought they should also be hanging in this fruit bowl.
The fruit bowl depicted here is the first prototype, which I fabricated myself. The bowl is made of transparent pink acrylic warmly processed to achieve the wanted form, the metallic parts are made of stainless steel and welded, all the parts are detachable to make cleaning easier.