Kids Cutlery

Product Design

2013   I came up with the idea of this set of cutlery after experiencing how difficult it can be to make a kid eat and do it correctly. I wanted to make something that would make the experience easier and more enjoyable for both the kids and the parents, getting the task done without driving each other crazy.

Another of my goals was to introduce the kids to the usage of cutlery in a simpler and funnier way since the normal metallic cutlery is so fun or even adept for kids.

The forms and colours  in my design are meant to attract the kid’s attention while they mimic the usage that the adults make of cutlery. I made ergonomic studies from kids’ hands in order for me to develop  a way for them to have a good grip on the cutlery; for this purposes,  the touch/control points  are highlighted with colourful and soft grips that makes it comfortable to hold them.

This set of cutlery has a simplified form and  some reminiscent of the basic way in which food is grabbed and eaten with the hands, the end side of it has a little bit of counterweight to facilitate the balance while eating.

Kids Cutlery Set by Luis Felipe Urdapilleta