Holly North

Brand Development

2015  This was a very extensive project about developing the branding for an emerging artist in the electronic music scene for which I realised an extensive research on the fields of marketing of the arts and music as well as on the vibrant electronic music scene of Berlin.

Holly North is a young musician from Berlin who wanted to put his music out there and wanted me to help him bettering his chances to distribute his music and to take control over the visual identity of the project, which entailed tasks not only from the graphic design perspective but from the whole branding logistics, including the searching for an artist name, the organisation of the songs within the first EP, decisions about the overall image to portray in the media, distribution methods and audiovisual material just to mention some.

Given the fact that I join this project since its very beginnings and the freedom that I had to lead the brand in the direction I considered to be the best, I developed and reinforced important professional skills in the areas of project/design management, brand development and design research while working on it.

My main motor was to be able to help an emerging talented artist to achieve his goals through design and to demonstrate that well applied design can make a difference in areas that we sometimes don’t imagine.


4 Illustration made for brochure and image in social networks.

5Brochure for presentation with record labels.