Born in 1989 in Mexico City to a loving family who since a very young age stimulated and encouraged his artistic talents in music and painting. Due to his father’s job, the whole family had the opportunity to live in several countries, resulting in an early exposure to many different cultures and situations that had deeply impacted his artistic vision. At the age of 17 he enrolled in medical school in Mexico City, which he dropped out from to then study Product Design.

In 2011 he decided to move to Germany in an attempt to get new input, be confronted with new challenges and become independent. He lives, studies and works as an independent artist and designer until today in Berlin.

His art deals with everyday situations and messages that are worth spreading in an attempt to trigger a social change or questioning. With a hyper-realistic style, his works mainly depict expression-full subjects and decontextualised human parts, in which one can see reflected his almost obsessive fascination with human interaction and transcultural experiences.